Hey Guys,

Thanks for the responses.

Epic Spellcasting is more of a headache than I THINK I want to deal with. It is permitted, and if you can demonstrate a spell that is worth the super high GP cost I'll take a look at it. (after all, I've got to adventure with this character as well, and thus need gear, I've got an expensive golem that I constructed(250,000 for a 50HD Runic Guardian), and a familiar that can use any gear I can throw on her).Re: Summon seed. What are you all thinking? I've never delved deeply into epic spellcasting proper, so I'm not familiar with the better tricks.

My 10-12th level slots are indeed through improved spell capacity epic feat. I put metamagiced up the wazoo spells in them (ie, persistent shapechange, or maximized timestop :D )