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    Quote Originally Posted by dungeonnerd View Post
    Non-epic spells are 9th level... soo.... yeah he definitely has epic spellcasting. I'm not sure what you're reading.
    Epic spell slots are a completely different thing from 10th level slots (the former are derived from the feat Epic Spellcasting, the latter from Expanded Spell Capacity). You gain them according to the number of skill ranks a character possesses (as opposed to the table), and they are not affected by metamagic feats. Epic Spells, although considered for most purposes as though 10th level spells, are prepared with Epic Spell Slots, which are completely independent of "normal" spellcasting progression.

    @Wiz: The thing with Epic Spells is that you don't shell out massive GP costs or try to hit a massive Spellcraft DC. You make the spell you want (for example: Permanent duration, Summon Seed, CR=Lolwut, Creature type= whatever I want) and mitigate the spellcraft DC down to 1 via the Mitigating Factors table (this will make the spell far cheaper to produce, and the mitigating factors aren't all that mitigating when you cast outside of combat, and have someone to heal all the Backlash, etc). It takes a bit of math, but you can get some seriously game-shattering stuff without much trouble. Especially if you have some epic spellcasting buddies (i.e. party members) for your Rituals.
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