So, recently, me and a few friends have come up with an....unusual idea for a stand-alone d&d session. We're playing 3.5 and noticed that the famous Tomb Of Horrors dungeon had been revised for D&D 3.5. And that got me thinking. I instantly wanted to try and test it out, but didn't feel like my current game would be enough fun to try it in.

So, of course, the next logical step was to do an all bard party. What else?

But yeah. All bards. Tomb of Horrors.
I think yes.

Now, we're not doing this to watch the party die within the first round of combat. (Ok, maybe just a little bit.) But I actually want a semi-viable (Or, as viable as possible) party composition.

So. We're going to need some nice diversity.

It says it is intended for 4-6 9th level characters.

So, because we're running all bards, we're going to go to the suggested max, as well as adding an extra level for each bard.

So we've got 6 10th level bards.

So, what sort of bards do we build to diversify this party?

Cores, Completes, and Races of (Stone, Wild, Destiny) Are allowed.

LA is allowed, but just don't make anything higher than ECL 10.

Prestige classes are allowed, but they must progress bard abilities.

Any suggestions?