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Whoa whoa whoa. I can get robot that fly or act as cover? That sounds very awesome. All my alloys for this.
Some more questions:

1. What do I have to kill to get better body armor? My troops are still using the basic one and I feel it will not be enough soon. (I did research Chryssalid carapace, but need more corpses to build one, and the description seems like it only protects from melee).

2. In your opinion, what's the best continent bonus? Is "We have ways" (South America) any use compared to to the other ones? I seem to do autopsies and interrogations in about 2-3 days.

3. Is there any bonus for capturing an alien type more than once?
1. I think you research alien alloys to unlock Carapace Armor research. 'lid carapaces are basically super nanovests.
2. Africa
3. Yes, free plasma weapons.