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    Quote Originally Posted by jseah View Post

    How might the Inquisitor react to these Xenos if they just dump him a list of Chaos cults and Chaos people?

    They might be Xenos and not trustable, but would he investigate?

    Would the Necrons tell the Culture what they were up to? (find their Core worlds and activate them)

    Would the Necron Lord tell the Culture what the Necrons ultimately want? (they want their planets back and where those planets are)
    Well... as far as the Inquisitor, he might want to start setting up a joint Ordos Xenos / Mechanicum operation. He'll need their expertise in interpreting what is going on, how to stop it, what the other long term effects are, whether the equipment will have to be destroyed, etc. etc. He also might have to go to a conclave and call in more Inquisitors and the other Ordos in on the case. Regarding the data... at least some people in the Inquisition would demand that it not be destroyed, and that he hand over the data to the Ordo Hereticus and/or Ordo Malleus (depending on the specifics or the severity or the particulars of each case). There would probably be some dissent amongst the group that he has gathered together, assuming it isn't just one Inquisitor and his Acolytes and the people he is employing. He might even have to get Deathwatch involved at some point. Basically, I see an unavoidable spiraling of more and more groups in the Imperium getting involved, as it directly impacts them, and the secret getting more and more difficult to keep (though it certainly wouldn't get anywhere like to the 'lower' echelons of society; it might spread through the upper parts of Imperial control, though).

    As far as Necrons.... that depends on the individual Necron Lord, I suppose. Just like it always has. I don't personally know enough to say, based on the patterns for this particular Necron Lord...
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