First off let me clear a few things up from what Wolfwood was describing. He actually did a good job describing what happened here although there is actual reasoning behind the door. It was of course an escape tunnel for werewolves, the escapees would be told about the secret door and leave through there. Meanwhile a following pack of werewolves would enter the main room and immediately the wolves would smell meat coming from four nearby pits and hopefully take the bait. Only two needed to be pressed but hopefully all of the four pits would trap four pursuers. Then the farther door would open, luring the rest of the pack inside. By the way that chest wasn't just full of fire it had an alarm spell inside but the alarm was pitched extremely high to mimic a dog-whistle, you see. Similar anti-werewolf traps lied inside that the group managed to avoid.

But anyway, they do enter a similar corridor, if they were to continue they would reach the exit but they were instructed to enter the nearby large marble room that branched off from this exiting corridor. What lay inside was cosmic, it bellowed with arcanist energy and drew in most commoners with its lure of something they couldn't understand. An oval platform seemingly waited for them, untapped for hundreds of years. It was large enough for four or five people, it marked the beginning of a great adventure. But for Delta, who just didn't care, it was just something to stand on. The room that lead to this circle is enclosed unless the horse deity opened it with his connection to the Earth.

When they stood on the platform the room spiraled, tapped into spacetime itself and lead them through the plains to a single room, where a man stood. He was a high class, very powerful man with fine features. He looked human, but his demeanor and obvious ability gave him an air of unpredictability and authority. Vice immediately belted out "Whaddya Want."

If me and my com-padres run this campaign again, I hope they make characters with just a tad more gusto. I stress that the PC's didn't care but the actual people running it were enjoying themselves very much, I think.

This so called "Watcher" explained to them that seven of the eight deities that lead these lands are dying. All but the great leading owl Nicodemus, deity of Knowledge, who held her reign in the capitol city of Ascension. Watcher briefly explained how, without the guidance of the deities, the people of Virtannia would go back to their chaotic and barbaric ways. Watcher needed outsiders, un-biased but capable people to become Delta and choose specific civilians and apprentices to become the heir to the deities power.

They were promised riches, desired goals, attainable thrones of status and soforth. These platforms they were standing on were gateways to each city used by the deities themselves to teleport around. Now, I might have brought this little tidbit up too soon. I wanted them to finish up in Palentu, go to one of the closer surrounding cities by foot, and find a similar platform to talk to the watcher again. After they were done with their second city, then they could teleport to any other city at will. This did, in fact, happen, but it might have gone in a much worse direction if they chose a different path.

So now they had a mission to accomplish, to finish up in Palentu and pick the heir to Gibbous Selai's power of Character and Beginnings. This story will be told next time on Delta Logs. Also next time, the most unexpected turn of events I could have never predicted unfolds and begins a horrifying chain of events that would lead to the Nautical campaign they would eventually run.