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It's actually a pretty fun mission, though with a severely underwhelming boss. The alien base is a cakewalk compared to the final mission.
The challenge of the alien base "boss" is present, but rare. If you give it no targets but leave a soldier in a position where it can move to draw LoS, it will use mind control and make your life pretty unfun if you're trying to move up for a capture.

If you're just trying to kill it then it's pretty easy, yeah.

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So I finally made it to the end of the game (on Normal, now I can go back to Classic).

I have to question the level design of fighting through every type of ET in the game, though. There really isn't any challenge to Sectoids, Thin Men, or regular Floaters and Mutons, or even Chryssalids and Cyberdiscs by that point. I get that it was for the BBEG to explain all the different aliens to us, but I really expected a greater challenge.
The mission design makes more sense on classic or impossible. It becomes a slog as the aliens try and wear you down, with the first rooms representing a chance to waste a few resources early, and the sectopods, muton elites, and the ethereals representing the actual threat.

As an aside, if your volunteer has a medkit and uses it to heal an ally, there's a custom line from the uber ethereal and he gets a little upset at how "weak" you are.

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Also they pair very well with Archangel Squadsight snipers on outdoor maps .
This is very true.

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1. What do I have to kill to get better body armor? My troops are still using the basic one and I feel it will not be enough soon. (I did research Chryssalid carapace, but need more corpses to build one, and the description seems like it only protects from melee).

2. In your opinion, what's the best continent bonus? Is "We have ways" (South America) any use compared to to the other ones? I seem to do autopsies and interrogations in about 2-3 days.

3. Is there any bonus for capturing an alien type more than once?
1. You need at least 5 alien alloys to research aliens materials. Carapace armor shows up right after that. It can be a little confusing because the nanofiber vest is an extra item, not armor, but carapace armor is what you're looking for.

2. Africa is the best in general. There's a way to make Europe good where you only take engineers on the first abduction and then take cash rewards and build workshops to change the missions that reward 200 cash into missions that reward 5 engineers and ~125 cash (accounting for extra power requirements). Asia is also quite nice over time as there are a lot of officer training and foundry projects.

3. Extra guns, as people have noted. It's basically never worthwhile to lose a good soldier just to capture a gun, however. Losing a rookie is fine.