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    Default Re: All Bards. Tomb of Horrors. What could go wrong?

    Bard can still do all the ToH-obviating tricks like spamming Summon Elemental and Acid Splatter to trap-test and melt obstacles. As long as someone gets trapfinding, there shouldn't be a problem. (Any more than usual, anyway.)

    For builds, let's see... most of the IC abilities are off the table, so maybe:
    Bard 6/Lyric Thaumaturge 4: Focus on cranking control spells and Save-or-X DCs, aim for Sublime Chord at ECL 11.
    Rogue 1/Bard 4/Unseen Seer 5: Sneak attack, divinations and skillmonkeyhood
    Bard 4/Paladin 2/Lyric Thaumaturge 4: Grab Sonic weapon, Wraithstrike and maybe Born of Three Thunders, aim for LT 5, before stepping off into Abjurant Champion.
    Rogue 1/Bard 4/Mindbender 1/Unseen Seer 1/Earth Dreamer 3: super-perception abilities, sneak attack and trapmonkeying.
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