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...There aren't any actual Critical Fumble rules in 3.5.
True, a 1 is a miss. I'm thinking most people use some houserule for critical fumbles [Paizo makes both critical hit decks and critical fumble decks so these are popular concepts]. I have certainly used the concepts in my own games. If you allow for critical hits doing double damage, I see no reason for a DM to disallow for critical fumbles.

They are actively one of the worst things ever.
I beg to differ.

Never, ever, EVER muse "out loud" about how Crit Fumbles would affect a given feat, especially one like this one, which is pretty obviously not for a serious game.
You run your game as you like and I'll run mine. As for musing out loud, what are we? 3? We're adults having a discussion. I don't tell you what not to say and I'd appreciate the same courtesy. This is a public forum and I thank you to leave censorship at the door. Now, of course you are free to disagree with me and if you are actually persuasive, I might change my opinion on this.

Why shouldn't you?
[sarcasm]Oh, please, do enlighten me[/sarcasm]

Because damn it, you're giving bad DMs ideas. And that is never a good thing.

Because, you know what? Auto-missing is already bad enough. Making a warrior drop their weapon because apparently they have the coordination of a drunken corpse is literally just kicking a man in the nuts after you punch him in the face.
Bad DMs have fates much worse than dropped weapons. Even good DMs can rule you have the the coordination of a drunken corpse. Have you seen any reality TV,? DMs get get worse ideas watching REAL people fumble than I could ever make up.

And I believe the goal is to make bad DMs into better DMs. I actually believe this is possible.

Of course a good DM will simply remind everyone that Sundering a weapon is another a possibility. Since your weapon isn't magic, it has hardness of 5 and 10 hit points. See Exploration under smashing a weapon. http://www.d20srd.org/srd/exploration.htm.

Is that really any better than a critical fumble? At least if you drop your weapon, you have a chance to grab it back. If it is smashed, you are completely out of luck.