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    Default Re: The Culture explores 40K II: Now With 100% more Fanfiction

    Thinking about this some...

    Generally... peaceful trade is really, really difficult for Necrons. A Necron Lord could intend to do peaceful trade, but then very obviously have a subsystem override that desire at some point later -- ie, the need to harvest others to make more necrons, a sudden paranoia, overwhelming jealousy at something the other group has, impotent hatred, etc.

    This could be written as a Necron trying to act in good faith, for a trade they really want to do, but when it comes time to do the trade, there is very obviously a schizophrenic personality override taking place. However, if they set up enough of the trade in the first place... the override might be 'too late' to prevent the trade from happening. It depends on if there is a tiny part of them that sets up a plan a particular way or not; they wouldn't be consciously able to plan against themselves... well, they might be able to, but it'd be freaky...

    In fact, I think it might actually be interesting if the Necron Lord tries to set up a trade such that, when he inevitably goes crazy and tries to kill them and disrupt the trade, it still works, and gets enough capability in the hands of either him or them (or both) that he can engineer away some of his insanity... that option leads to hilarity, especially as he tries to imply certain things to The Culture without outright saying it (cause he's crazy, and probably can't really admit the problem fully to himself), and we all know how well Hilarity works!
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