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Thread: Shadows of the Past 2 (IC)

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    @Tarith: The giant scoffs at you.

    "Nothing you can do, little elf, can compare to what Mistress Nerine may do if we leave now. I haven't had elven roast in a long time. You will be crushed here!"

    @Xander: You watch visible now, from above and look at your mastery at work.

    Reflex saves (rolling 1 for all affected giants): [roll]1d20+3[/roll]

    Will saves (same as above, all affected giants): [roll]1d20+4[/roll]

    @The Party: You watch the giants try and hold their clubs and boulders as this slide off their hands. The villagers let another volley of arrows fly as jacob holds on to one of the giants using his blades as hand holds against the giant's barrel chest. The monster howls in pain before falling backwards. Three more giants fall head first as they are peppered in arrows.

    "This is almost over! Keep at it!" Jacob rallies his men into action.
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