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So you're going to waste 500 xp to make a scroll (which you still have to pay for) instead of just buying it. And personally I think there might be a spell or two that might be worth the feat especially if you abuse what level some classes get them at.
If you have magic-mart available to buy any spell you want, then the feat is indeed useless. But that assumption doesn't always hold true.

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No, suicide is useful in that case. Unless the DM is trying to block a specific spell he's implicitly telling you that wizards are too powerful and you shouldn't play one. Roll up your wizard's sorcerer brother and call it a day.

Well..... roll up the sorcerer brother, smack your DM for not having the fortitude to just say, "I'd rather you didn't play a wizard," then call it a day.

Communication is important and passive-aggressive communication (read; bad communication) deserves a smack at best or a rage-quit at worst.
That's more than a bit petulant. Plenty of modules have fixed loot, it's not necessarily the DM being passive-aggressive or out to get anyone. And some DMs like to throw odd resources at the players - including spells that don't see play very often - just to see what creative uses they put them to. Left to their own devices and magic-mart, CharOp wizards - like CharOp sorcerers - tend to gravitate towards the same spells, over and over.