Meanwhile, in the Ward...

Nerine, Luther, and the elf look at a giant oval mirror where the battle is taking place. The giants peppered with arrows. Tarith impersonating Nerine, Xander casting multiple chained spells on the brutes and incapacitating them. The elf turns to Nerine.

"I give you unlimited resources to deal with a village containing an integral piece of The Master's plan... and you bring in hill giants."

"Well...I didn't expect the others to... well... I..."

"There is a reason I gave you an entire file on what they can do, Nerine!"

"I am sure she has learned her lesson, sir. She won't make that mistake again." Luther patronizes Nerine as his shadow holds his stomach in a motion that could only be described as laughter.

The elf leaves the mirror open.

"Enjoy the show. I must take my leave."

"Where to?", Nerine looks puzzled.

"I have a meeting with Brunhausser. He will likely want a progress update on his dear daughters."

"Aren't those the ones who went to Hammerbruk?"

The elf laughs as he opens a gate showing a castle in the distance.

"Yes indeed! And Nerine, watch the mirror. You might learn something."