"Elf? Among other things, this is the image of a nymph. For all you know, I could be a small toad. Then again, if I were a small toad, you would have someone to look up to, so..."

Tarith tries to bring down the giant, using his daggers as climbing spikes


attack2(1d20+18)[20] damage(1d4)[3] magebane(2d6+2)[6] sneak attack(6d6)[22] miss(1d100)[87]
attack3(1d20+18)[22] damage(1d4)[3] magebane(2d6+2)[9] sneak attack(6d6)[21] miss(1d100)[19]
attack4(1d20+13)[25] damage(1d4)[3] magebane(2d6+2)[4] sneak attack(6d6)[20] miss(1d100)[61]
attack5(1d20+13)[18] damage(1d4)[3] magebane(2d6+2)[8] sneak attack(6d6)[18] miss(1d100)[57]