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Thread: Cormyr - The Tearing of the Wave

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    AC: 16
    HP: 21/21
    Spells: bard: 0 3/3, 1 4/4, 2 1/2; sorc: 0 3/3

    Maesyn sighs and casts alter self on himself. As he casts, his form shimmers and shakes, and a large pair of wings grows from his back, right through his armor without apparently damaging it. His ears grow more pointed and his features more angular. He has taken the form of an avariel, the winged elves of legend.

    Since avariels have no natural weapons or natural armor bonus or racial bonus feats, the only avariel traits I gain are flight speed and racial skill bonuses. Thus: 50 ft. (average maneuverability) flying speed, a +4 racial bonus to jump, and his own racial bonuses increase to +4 spot, +2 listen, and +2 search.

    So equipped, he flies gently over to the other side of the chasm, trying to get out of the line of fire if he can. He will prefer to follow Savin given a choice.

    Maesyn Silverhair
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