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  • Bard 10 (gives inspire courage +2)
  • Song of the heart feat (+1 to inspire courage, total +3)
  • Badge of Valor (item, MiC) (+1 to IC, total +4)
  • Inspirational Boost (spell, SpC) (another +1, total +5)
  • Words of Creation (feat Book of exalted cheese) (doubles IC bonus, total +10)

#2 The same but also grab
  • Dragonfire inspiration trasnform that +10 to hit and damage to +10d6 fire damage
  • Draconic heritage (battle dragon) transforms +10d6 fire damage to +10d6 sonic damage

#3,4,5,6 - whatever you want ;) they get +10 to hit +10 to damage +10d6 sonic damage on every attack after #1&2 start singing.
I see those IC tips a lot but wonder how kosher they really are: both words of creation and DFI refer to the IC bonus the bard would normally have, I read that as being according to the class description and thus excluding bonuses from spells, items, and feats.

Tactical use of alter self to get other forms of movement, or insane natural armor (see Tren) is highly recommended. Really, bards can do anything!