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    Default Re: Dominic Deegan, Mk. XLVII: A Flat World From Recycled Scrap

    Quote Originally Posted by T-O-E View Post
    Dave doesn't enchant humans. He has to turn them into monsters first.

    Makes sense.
    I guess that's also why he keeps the Battlecasters in the dark about the whole thing?

    "I was going to tell you that you were mutating, but then you were mutating already so I thought, '**** mutants anyway, subhuman scum that they are.'; and so I didn't."

    Seems to check out.

    Quote Originally Posted by Wraith View Post
    Elemental Changeling, perhaps? Maybe he got so engrossed in lightning magic that he found a way to become one of them, like Jacob the Necromancer looking for a way to become an undead, or something.

    This theory doesn't explain 1) why nobody else knew about it before now 2) why it's supposed to be so sinister as a revelation 3) why it's NOT tentacle time, but it DOES continue to paint King DJ as a racist, so in DD:OfH thats probably enough for it to get by.
    Yeah, that would kind of work, but go against the tone of the Maestro's line today, whereas the king enchanting him but being okay with it because the Maestro ends up being not-quite-human would only go against any kind of reason, which Mookie isn't very attached to anyway, or the king's characterization, which he appears to have completely forgotten by now.
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