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    Default Re: Dominic Deegan, Mk. XLVII: A Flat World From Recycled Scrap

    Quote Originally Posted by Traab View Post
    Think about it. Its what happens when we go from an archive binge as a new reader, and start reading it one update a day. It goes from a passable comic, to a horror show, because the speed at which we get to enjoy the next comic is greatly reduced.
    You use such terrible language to describe this comic. Terms such as "passable" and "enjoy" do not apply to Dominic Deegan, no matter the pace. I get what your saying, and the day to day pacing really hurts the story. But that story is already terrible to begin with.

    And generally, when doing these "all side characters gather to save main character" bits you actually have a likable side cast. I mean, Dominic's students, that random dragon, the Maestro, who cares about these idiots. They weren't established as real characters before, so who cares that they are back.
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