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    US Agent

    Penance glows with orange energy as he lunges at Grim Reaper, putting both of them through the wall of a train. Before US agent can respond though, Scorcher starts firing his blaster again.

    Essentially just writing off Penance and Grim Reaper out of this scene. You can consider Penance a potential unlockable Back-up rather than a PC, as long as his player isn't around. I'll mention the unlockables again in ACT 3.

    Walker moves out of the way of the blast, only to discover what Scorcher is really doing. He's surrounding both himself and the hero in a giant circle of fire.

    "You feeling the heat yet? 'Cause i can't-this suit can withstand the heat of a meteorite. So I'm just going to make me some barbeque Captain Wannabe." He laughs again.

    Scorcher is trying to inflict a complication on US agent-Trapped in a Ring of fire.

    Solo d4+Brilliant Chemist d8+d10 Flame Blast+d8 Menance Expert=
    1d4+1d8+1d10+1d8 → [4,8,10,5] = (27)

    Spend a d8 from the doompool to add an extra d8 to my total.
    4+10+8=22 with an effect d8.

    Doom Pool is currently: 4d6+1d8+1d10

    Luke Cage

    Laughing maniacally, the Hobgoblin swerves to skewer you in mid air. As he does so, you notice that the sharp edges of the glider have been elongated into blades. But can Luke Cage dodge the hit, given how hard he is finding it to think after the gas?

    Insane D4 (Instead of adding d6 to Doompool, I'm stepping up a d6 to d8), Solo D8, Flight d8, Glider Blades (Stunt) d8, Combat Expert d8+ Cage's Mental stress d12= 1d4+4d8+1d12 → [1,3,3,5,8,7] = (27)

    Result=15 and effect die is 8-intention is to inflict physical stress. One opportunity available for you to activate. will you take advantage of his blatant insanity?

    The anticipation is killing me!
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