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I found a hero, Sniper, I can get into the play style of and been working getting better of. I like being ranged, I like being able to use assassinate and take off a big chunk of hp in one hit. It works. "Ha! You are running away? Take THIS!"

To the bots cheating: I know and thats why I like playing against them, if I can get the upper hand on some cheating bots, then I shouldn't have a big issue to facing humans.

This is also why I normally do the SP first on games and then break into MP, if I can handle the SP on the hardest difficulties, then surely I can be at least somewhat productive on a team.
Not true at all. The bots cheating in no way make up for how crappy they are. If you have the basics of the game, start playing against humans. Bots build false confidence. The mentality of DotA should never be confidence that you can handle your own and do well, it should be that fear that no matter what you do, where you are, or who you are playing, those 5 people on the other team are infinitely better and will kill you. Repeatedly, and will make fun of you for it.

Plus you learn so much more playing with people. With bots it never changes; warding spots, pushing, juking, item builds, and skill usage. No matter how many times you play it the bots will do as they are programmed. With people though? One game you see the slark go basher/Diffusal/vlads and ganked non-stop starting level six(And this guy? He knew every tree position in the game just watching him you picked up a few 'oh man! run! tactics), the next you see go Skadi/AC. He farmed in a lane for 30 mins. The third one? He went vangaurd/Heart/radience and you have no freaking idea how because you never saw him on the map, but he did it. So now you can say 'Oh, I liked the basher. Ima make that when I play him, but the diffusal didn't seem necessary since you had it, i'd rather forgo that. Maybe pick up that Hyperstone for a much later AC? And then work on heart, because that dude was unkilliable.' Bam. So much learned that would have been forgone playing bots. Plus you have 8 other people doing their own thing, it all adds up.