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Not a mindflayer, it's an Ascended Sleeper.
It's something called a Seeker (most likely a lesser daedra serving Hermaeus Mora). The name was revealed by the filename on one of the 12 released screenshots (it should have a section on Dragonborn - if you don't see it, change the language to english).

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So, as a guy who never played Morrowind, I just want to make sure I understand this Corpus thing.

It's basically a disease that drives you nuts, connects you to an insane god-like entity, and warps your body into a twisted abomination. Is that about right?

Cause that's awesome.
It also makes you immortal (as in: can't die of old age), though most victims die due to various accidents. Though we should use the past tense - after the events of Morrowind it lost most of it's potential.