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    Walker grits his teeth as he looks around. Penance is gone, the SHIELD Agents will have to play baby sitter now because... Walker is going to have some fun.

    A coy smile crosses the U.S.Agent's face as he yells, "This isn't hot, you idiot! This is like a trip to Florida in the summer. I thought you were supposed to be some kind of Fire Expert... After seeing this, even you have to admit - you're pretty LAME!" Walker takes his shield and hoists it in front of his upper torso and head. He then bolts straight for the ring of fire and lunges over the flames.


    Solo: (1d10)[5]
    Arrogant: (1d4)[4] +1PP
    Enhanced Reflexes: (1d8)[7]
    God Like Durability: (1d12)[8]
    Acrobatics Expert: (1d8)[3]

    Total: 15, effect die: d10.

    Total PP: 2

    DRAT! I was really hoping to roll a bit better... But I suppose 22 is a really hard target to hit.

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