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  • Bard 10 (gives inspire courage +2)
  • Song of the heart feat (+1 to inspire courage, total +3)
  • Badge of Valor (item, MiC) (+1 to IC, total +4)
  • Inspirational Boost (spell, SpC) (another +1, total +5)
  • Words of Creation (feat Book of exalted cheese) (doubles IC bonus, total +10)

#2 The same but also grab
  • Dragonfire inspiration trasnform that +10 to hit and damage to +10d6 fire damage
  • Draconic heritage (battle dragon) transforms +10d6 fire damage to +10d6 sonic damage

#3,4,5,6 - whatever you want ;) they get +10 to hit +10 to damage +10d6 sonic damage on every attack after #1&2 start singing.
Remember to have one or more bards pick up Creaking Cacophony for no save sonic vulnerability, turning 10d6 into 15d6.

Reserve feats would be nice. One of the best ones to take is Summon elemental, but you'd need some shenanigans to get it by 10th level. If you do get your hands on this, then have the elemental touch and stand on everything before you do. The touch of healing reserve feat would also be nice, since it would make healing a bit easier.

One of them could be a bardsader, or take the War Chanter PrC.

There would be a lot more variety if more sources were allowed. If Libris Mortis was allowed one of the bards could be a Dirgesinger, which could be useful, and if Frostburn was allowed then that would open up Snowflake Wardance. At least include the bard variants from SRD: The Fey bard ACF means an animal companion that could help take the front line.

I think the best chance you have to survive involves using lots of cheese. For example, give as many bards as possible the Leadership feat, and give the followers a teamwork benefit or two from PHB2. The Wild Cohort feat would also be useful.