Initiative going forward: Ryxikor, Quill, Maesyn, Savin, Axara, Enemies

Ryxikor tries to use Quill’s wand of color spray but his first attempt to use the magical device fails.

Quill starts to move toward the bridge but Axara stops him ”Quillmeister, let me cross the bridge first. My armor is better to handle the arrow that you.

Quill instructs his familiar to move away from danger. She obeys.

Maesyn utters a spell and to every one surprise, turns into an avariel the famous winged elf. The legendary looking Maesyn uses his wings to fly safely across the bridge.

Savin moves inside the tomb and is next to the dark creepers, ready to attack them on the next round.

Axara gets on the single rope holding and starts crossing the pit. 3 arrows fly for the arrow slit but all miss Axara.