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    I like Serenity. That feat, combined with a level of cleric and the Fist of Raziel or Silver Flame Exorcist allows for a build that is very paladin-y and is a few tiers above the standard paladin without making him cheesy or munchkinny.

    You can go for a Paladin 6/Cleric 1/Fist o Raziel 10 or for a Paladin 5/Cleric 2/Fist of Raziel 10, or even a Paladin 3/Cleric 4/Fist of Raziel 10. You lose 4-7 caster levels and +1 to your basic attack bonus, but everything you do is based on Wisdom, even attack, if you add Intuitive Attack and Zen Archery.

    The character is useful for the team and is good at what paladins are supposed to do better (killing evil supernatural creatures) without overshadowing anybody or stepping on anybody's toes:
    He won't overshadow the fighter types, since he has a slightly lower basic attack bonus, won't use the best weapons and still depends in its non-maximized strength for damage (and lacks tricks like Rage, Frenzy, etc.).
    He won't overshadow the spellscasting types, since he's four caster levels below them.
    He will only overshadow the normal paladins.
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