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    First a damn shield hitting off the side of his bedroom/bathroom/kitchen, now a guy covered in spikes cuddling with a gimp HANDICAPABLE PERSON. Enough was enough!

    With a cacophony of shattering glass and the thunderclap of gunfire, accompanied by a frenzied "BANGBANGBANGBANGBANGBANG!" as that loveable, dashing, rogue Deadpool jumped out the window of an abandoned train, opening fire on the Iron Man Wannabe.

    Buddy Die: (1d8)[7]
    Distinction: Merc With The Mouth (1d4)[2] (Woo! Plot Points!)
    Toys For Boys: Weapon d8 w/ 'Unnecessary Sales-Boosting Violence!' SFX: (1d10)[2]
    Weapon X Augmentation: Enhanced Reflexes (For Coolness!): (1d8)[6]
    Combat Master: (1d10)[4]

    Total: 10
    Effect Die: d10

    "I am TRYING to get some sleep! Talk about being railroaded into a fight, huh?" Said to Captain America before he turned to his hated enemy, "Ah! Fire-Dude! We meet again! ... For the first time!"
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