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An observation of pony pairs... not that kind.

It seems like the series has been wanting to play sets of ponies off of each other. Rarity and AJ are the hard-working ones that manage to get in trouble by getting too much work and half-truths, but they both of very different views on social etiquette. Twilight and Pinkie make the "Dexter's Lab" pair where you have the bookish genius confounded by a bright but almost alien intellect.

Then why Fluttershy and Dash? They don't seem similar enough for their differences to have much weight. I theorize that trying to answer this has lead to the path of least resistance for the community: Shipping.
Dash and Fluttershy do have a certain commonality as pegasi. It doesn't come up a ton since they have very different personalities, but it's clear that they share knowledge of Cloudsdale and scenes like Fluttershy acting as the cheering section in Sonic Rainboom imply pretty strongly that they share a certain natural understanding not available to the other 4.

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Giddy up Giddy up up.........


Why can't I stop!?!?!?!

I dread when the remix hits.

BTW, like the lyrics version or the chorus only version?
That is really addictive. It's like carameldansen with a horse theme.

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Ahhh, thank you.

EDIT: In comic related news, there will now be a 6 issue mini-series of spin-off comics, each one focusing on one of the mane 6, with Twilight up first. (link contains plot synopsis spoilers for the first issue, and also issue #4 of the main series)
I saw that series. I hope my local comic shop picks them up, I'm trying to patronize them rather than order online.