The thought crosses Touga's mind. Lelouch owes him a favor... but how to use it? Yesterday, it wouldn't have been a problem; blood for the dead god. More puppets for the puppetmaster. But now the ring on his finger feels cold and heavy, like a shackle. And so, with some deliberation, Kiryuu slips off his rose crest into a pocket as he asks, "Actually... there is something you can do to help me. Do you have any contacts? Spies? I'm looking for someone. No... two people. I will give you the specifics after our first lesson. Be readyat the practice room in the P.E. building."


'Buggaty bogs! I've hit dorogoy hot!'
The thoughts race through Alex's mind. This is enough to set him up long enough to buy his way through this little mission! He could burn anything and still come out ahead...

Huh. 'Buy'. Feels kind of tacky now. Yeah, it would be easy. Real easy. But if he has all the money, and he still has to pay for the guns, isn't that kind of like cheating? They still got some of his money. No, they're money. that's blight cheating, it is.

But if he cleaned the house and crast the guns, they'd have nothing. He'd have it all! 'Course, they'd come looking for him. Try to bleed him dry after he won fair and square. (Magic book is fair now). So maybe he could just nozh the whole sodding joint.

Now that's thinkin'. He gets all the goods and gold, they get nothin'. He'll take his share, and throw the rest wherever. What did that frutity veck say again? Cause chaos and mayhem and fun? 'Well who am I to question bogs on high, eh?'

But this plan would take subtlety.



A patsy to pin it all on.

"Oi, Blue John, look what I've found! 'Ow do you feel about bein' the richest nadst in town tonight?"