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    Scorcher looks up in surprise at both the smattering of bullets, and the sound effects that accompany them.

    "Deadpool! How the hell did he get here?" He remarks, raising an arm to protect himself from the shots.

    Solo d4, I want out of this buisness d4(stepping up my d10 to a d12), Enhanced Durability d8=2d4+1d8 → [3,2,6] = (11)

    In this case, I can either spend a d6 to keep a d4 for the total and avoid the attack, or activate invulnerable SFX by paying a d6 and just negate all physical stress. I choose the later-also cause I want to see what Deadpool can do besides cut up tanks.

    Doom pool=3d6+1d8+1d10

    The bullets bounce off the protective layering in his armor. He turns to look at US agent.

    "Seriously, you went and got Deadpool as backup? SHIELD must have really run out of friends when Fury got the sack."


    OOC: What I want to know is-how did US agent miss Deadpool? He checked the trains!
    We are ninja.
    What the-Get out of my post Deadpool!
    Believe it!

    Cage is up next I believe, then he can pick whether the heroes start the next round (including himself) or the Watcher characters.
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