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Thread: Shadows of the Past 2 (IC)

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    @Tarith: The giant, severly cut, attempts his last chance at crushing you.

    Attack1: (1d20+16)[30] miss chance (1d100)[58](58) damage (2d8+10)[20]

    Attack2: (1d20+11)[15] miss chance (1d100)[69](69) damage (2d8+10)[21]

    @The Party: The last giant, bonded, and with a multitude of effects from Xander, gets peppered with arrows, one of them pierces his throat. The giant gurgles something unintelligible before hurling a stone at the temple, crushing one of Arrallae's statues in the waist, bring the white stone crushing down.

    @Xander: I'm glad to know her village is safe, Xander. I have moved her to the Rose Garden. You should find her there. I thought she would be scared if she awoke underwater. You should find her sleeping there. Odd, though, I tried waking her up, but she is completely asleep. As if she used a tremendous power recently.
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