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    Easily dodging the giants attacks, Tarith(disguised as Nerine) tries, once more, to down the giant.


    ...I don't want to see multiple rolls under 5 for my attacks this time...
    attack2(1d20+18)[31] damage(1d4)[4] magebane(2d6+2)[8] sneak attack(6d6)[13] miss(1d100)[28]
    attack3(1d20+18)[23] damage(1d4)[4] magebane(2d6+2)[11] sneak attack(6d6)[22] miss(1d100)[59]
    attack4(1d20+13)[29] damage(1d4)[4] magebane(2d6+2)[13] sneak attack(6d6)[26] miss(1d100)[48]
    attack5(1d20+13)[25] damage(1d4)[3] magebane(2d6+2)[6] sneak attack(6d6)[17] miss(1d100)[87]
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