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I'm saying they haven't because some programming pops in and makes them go all KILL, even if they would want to and have reason to. It's the only reason I can think of for why they are all 'KILL EVERYTHING', even though there are sentient/sapient individuals that would (for example) greatly benefit from trading with something.

Does that make sense?
Why do they need hidden programming directives, when it's simpler to just assume they're crazy?

Also, I think you're confusing Oldcrons and Newcrons again. In Newcron fluff, the only ones who are explicitly 'KILL EVERYTHING' are the Destroyer Cults, and possible the Flayed Ones (no one's certain because they can't talk). Modern Necrons, at least as far as the sentient/sapient ones go, run the spectrum from Conquer Everybody to Get Off My Lawn You Darn Kids to Leave Us Alone.