OOC Speak: During this post, this event "began" when Nordul left his resting spot, but the infected cells did not grow enough to form "it"'s conscious until now. That is why there can be mutated animals, per say. They are just very, very, very rare. Like three or four at most. Just mainly fluff though.

It was weak. But many. Incomplete, yet perfect. This is what it felt. It knew what to do. All of it, to those beings whose housed a few minor cells to the ones who looked like no other from the influence of it, felt a urge to move, to find others like it, to gather. And so it did. When a one being with enough of "it" in it found another, "it" felt growth. As one infected group found another, "it" felt purpose. Soon, instead of aimless wandering, the infected honed in a single location, as the call of "it" grew stronger.

Across the land, animals made from Nordul that had "it" inside of them gathered in groups, predators and prey following one another without bloodshed. The animals were few, and most of the infected had only a few cells of "it" in their bodies. But some where changed from the amount of "it" in them, deformed or mutated to look and act like no other beast in the forest. And then man. A few hunters had felled the rare beast that had "it" in it's body, cooked and then feasted upon the flesh. And ate the cells of "it". Soon, those men heard the call. And they answered. "it" felt the most growth from man. Felt the intelligence of the beings. When a man encountered a group of infected beasts, the beasts gather around and protected the man. Followed the man. Listened to the man's commands.

But every group, every infected walked towards one place. One purpose. The place where Nordul had rest was still filled with minor presence of the god. Still held some divine essence. And that place, that power, that energy called out to "it". And so "it" had answered, coming from every region to gather at this spot. Groups, ranging from a few infected, to those that had man or the mutated and counted dozens of beasts within their midst, arrived each day, every hour. Soon "it" had gather most of itself in that place. A few stragglers were soon to arrive, but "it" knew they would not be enough. The power here was too weak. So "it" begin to feast upon the place, devouring plant, life, and earth to gather what divine essence was left. But it was not enough.....