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    @Tarith: Still under Nerine's disguise, you loot the giant and those around you. You find the following in their dirty bags:

    -10 pp

    - a greasy bone with some marrow still on it

    - 30 gp

    - One has a letter scribbled in giant.

    Deer Mystresse,

    I wach u every night as u play your floot. I wud rlly like too play with u too.
    I hop after killin' we can go out on a date... if u don't kill me first. Really, please don't kill me, Mystresse

    From the rubble and dust, Jacob looks at you.

    "And you would stand before me, demon? Your forces have fallen. Now, for your head!"

    Jacob rushes towards you from a fair distance, both blades shining under the sun, stained in giant's blood.
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