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Thread: Slaughtering Constructs with Magic

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    Summon Great Wyrm +38 virtual age categories Gold Dragon (CR 103)
    (14 base, +10 dragon type, +204 CR, +40 on overcoming SR (+80), x5 permanent, DC 228*5=1540, now for Mitigating factors, , 40d6 backlash -40 DC [Have some con buffs before hand [Bite of the Werebear, Holy Transformation, Infernal Transportation (+240 hp total, UMD or the like to casst from scrolls, with a decent con mod, you'll be able to always live, now for it being a ritual, )], have a cleric heal it], 1000 casters casting 1st level spells (-1000, [pay each 10 GP, total of 10000 GP], 100 5th level casters casting 3rd level spells (15000 GP), -500 DC)), DC 0, cost to create, 0, etc, you can change the casters, though this will permanently get you a Great Wyrm +38 gold dragon, it has a 100d10 fire breath weapon and casting as a 95th level sorcerer (and 37th level spell slots, as well as potentially epic spell casting as well). For the cost of 25000 GP of paying casters. Yeah, Epic Spellcasting is crazy broken.
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