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    Luke Cage

    Luke looks down at the ground, in another time, another place, he would be holding up a sign that said "Help!". But here and now he simply wears a puzzled frown. Where was he, why was he flying through the air?

    What was going on?

    Something calls him back to reality, whether it is Hobgoblin's maniacal laughter or the blaring car alarms or what no one can say.

    His mouth snaps open in a primal roar of anger. He twists in the air, reaches forward and grabs the shining blades of the on rushing glider.

    Hey Gobby! You forgot one thing.

    Luke flexes his steel hard muscles and drags the flying maniac down towards the ground.

    This is my hood!


    Solo (1d6)[6]
    Come Get Some! (1d8)[1]
    Versatile (2d8)[1][7](8)
    Combat Expert (1d8)[2]
    Activate Watcher Opportunity as a Stunt (1d10)[1]
    Throw another PP to add The scene Distinction in (1d8)[2]
    Why? WHY???? WHY!?!?!

    Well I've got one option.
    Total is 13 Effect die is d8, the rest is all gravy. For the watcher.
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