Harnel isn't actually lead to the manor, instead, onve they lost the guards, he is escorted into a larger house where a rather plump servant comes to met them. "Ah, lady Mithar, welcome back. I'm so glad to see you returned, the children are asleep so I was just waiting for you to return before I left. Did you found what you were looking for?" She says while giving Harnel a knowing look.

"Yes, and thank you Mindy. You have been a true blessing these days."

"Just doing my job m'lady." She states with a bow. "Now I need to return to my own younglings."

"Of course, I think we can take it from here." Cessie replies before waving Mindy off.
"So are you two going to be alright now? I know you might want to be alone right now, but the rest of the family will want to make sure you're alright too Harnel. Fey are not to play around with after all."

"Yes, we'll be alright Methil. I think I can handle everything from here, with all the Nevereth wards in place I doubt the fey will be able to harass us any further. We're going to be okay."

"Very well, see you two tomorrow then!" He says before walking off as well, leaving the pair to enter the small manor. It's quite old actually, worn by age but the decorations and the furniture are much newer from the looks of it. The only object that looks to be as old as the house is the painting of two boats meeting each other in the middle of the ocean with a sun raising over the horizon. "Finally alone..." The sorceress states as she sit down on the green coach in the middle of the living room right next to the entrance. "I have missed you so much Harnel, you have no idea how worried I was when the connection suddenly cut off." Is this a bad moment for another of those urges? Probably, but he can't exactly control them.