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I'm not sure Zap Apples and their jam even include indigo.

Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Purple only. Which is one less to worry about, yes?
To be fair, Indigo is a Tertiary color that only made it onto the rainbow in the first place because Isaac Newton was convinced the number seven was lucky

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My Little Pony, is it the only fantasy settings to have African Culture (Zecora), along with Elderscrolls (Redguards are more of an arab than black!) and Diablo 3 (Witch Doctor). We could put in Rich Burlew's New World (Source) as one of them.
There's plenty of works that portray Africans and their culture, the problem is finding one that isn't also kinda racist. Pre-colonial african history hasn't exactly permeated western culture the way European, Chinese, and even Middle Eastern history has.