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    Default Re: [Nexus] OoC 34: If it exists, we have role-played it. No exceptions.

    I have an idea. A wonderful, awful idea.

    Adventure Scouts!

    Much like every crummy excuse for a camp ever spat from the deepest depths of Baator, Adventure Scouts exists to teach children the wonders of air-control and lice-free beds, by dragging them into a godforsaken elbow of the woods with no such luxuries and letting the giant death mosquitoes toughen 'em up!

    Unlike a normal camp however, Adventure Scouts will also teach them the unique skills needed to survive in the Nexus, including, but not limited to;

    Wilderness Survival- Which plants you can eat and which ones will eat you!
    Basic Spellcasting- Or, how cantrips can improve your life.
    Monstrous Zoology- How cure giant spider venom, tame mudcrabs and stay the hell away from dragons.
    Dealing with the Supernatural- Banish vengeful spirits in twelve easy steps.

    And so on. Basically, Cub/Eagle/Lion Scouts but for Junior Adventurers! Or people who just don't wanna get nommed to pieces by wandering monsters. For the most part camp will be focused on useful knowledge and survival skills instead of combat, like it's RL counterpart, only much, much cooler.

    TL:DR- Cub Scouts, Nexus edition/Kinda-sorta-somewhat-plot-ish location for children PCs.

    Anyone interested?
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