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"Why I am,"
Replied an awfully cheerful Gearstride as she strutted up to him and the others. She flashed a grin at Aurora.

"Well beautiful, I think we're all here, do we have to touch and hold hooves, and claws for this teleport to work for us all?"
Aurora doesn't respond. Her horn simply starts glowing, and about 10 seconds later, they're all suddenly in a house out kind of in the middle of nowhere near Trottingham.

The house is a nice, kinda big place, and it's...noisy to say the least.


"Stop yelling, Nightwing!" somepony else responds.

"Everypony, mommy is making lunch, get downstairs!"

Then there's a lot of banging as a presumably large number of foals goes down to the ground floor for lunch.

"...The house is pretty consistently like this, trust me. Anna deals with it. So, do you want me to come with you, or shall we part ways?" Aurora asks.