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Very nice! I think you did a really good and (though I wish I could see in her fiend form) and I really like the way seems to have a expression on his face. I also really like the way your tsukiko looks-very cute! (I suppose heterochromia and Xykon plushies aren't character options is SC5?). Other characters I'd love for you to try would be The Wight In Thanh's Shoes, That Guy With The Halberd, and the anti-Heroes and Ivory Captains.
No, sadly, no plushies (that I have unlocked anyway) and I tried, I really did, but both eyes, sadly, must be the same color. I could do Thanh's Weight (which I was already thinking of doing, and TGwtH, but I don't know who the "Anti-heroes" and the Ivory captains are.