The god was near. So close, yet "it"'s goal was so far away. But the god came into view, and "it" struck. Or tried to, but "it"'s body would not move. Not one of the infected animals, not one of the infected men, not even one of the mutated. "it" paused, examining itself for the first time. All of its bodies became still...and then separated. "it" felt itself violently tear away from the bodies and cells of the uninfected flesh, before draining, squirming, climbing its way into the center of the mountain of dead mass. The mutated turned into...liquid, leaving twisted blackened bones as the only evidence that they existed, before melting down into the core. Building up. Coming together. Ad midst the rapidly decaying bodies and stench of disease was "it".

And "it" was formed. The god, merely by coming close to "it" empowered the essence within the being for a brief moment. But it was a enough. The spark caused a chain reaction, setting off "it"'s own divine power that was building up in the cells and flesh of the infected. And, like a magnet, "it" had gathered itself, turning the flesh into pure divine power, the cells of infected into "it"'s body. And the liquid of the mutated, the beings most effected by "it", formed the very core of this new entity.

"Hello father. It is soooo nice to finally meet you. I must say, while it has been fun being a mere cell in a squirrel, I like this form so much better. Do you agree?" says a sickly voice as black liquid seeps up from the pile of bodies, now merely bones with a few strips of skin here and there, swirling above the pile. Suddenly, a shining white boot steps out of the swirling liquid and onto the topmost skull, a man's, before another steps out on the twisted skull of a mutated. As the rest of the body forms, a red glove reaches out of the liquid and twists itself in the air as if the mass was trying to bow to the god. As the rest of the body forms, the face of Infernique is blank, pitch black, expect for a thin blue line where a man's face would be. It widens into a mockery of a grin as the being takes a deep breath before thrusting it's head back and yelling "It feels good to be alive!" before quickly facing it's father, it's blue glowing eyes now open.