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because you cant get rediculous spell slots without that, and Prestiege paladin does not recieve the benefits of battle blessing.
It does, actually:

Unique Spells

The bard, paladin, and ranger spell lists contain a number of spells that don't appear on other classes' spell lists. In general, any character who enters one of these prestige classes should gain access to spells unique to that class's spell list, at the same levels indicated for the standard class. At the game master's discretion, spells unique to that class's spell list found in other books may also be available, but on a case by case basis.
This means that Prestige Paladins get Paladin spells too, at the same levels (i.e. lesser restoration is a first-level spell for both standard paladins and prestige paladins), and therefore they are eligible for BB on any of those particular spells. (But it wouldn't let him, say, apply Battle Blessing to his cleric spells.)