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    Dinfale frowned as the Unspoken struck him again. This fight is simply too evenly matched. At the rate we are going, both of us will drop at the same time. And THAT is simply not acceptable. A clear winner must be declared...otherwise...why otherwise the whole fight would be pointless. These thought ran through Dinfale's head as he continued to bob and weave.


    Current Hp: 15
    Attack: (2d6)[5]
    Defense: (5d6)[22]

    And the struggle continued, neither side gaining on the other.

    Lol, Necron. I just realized that my roll is the perfect roll to cause us to both do 2 damage. lol I could go higher with my defense, but it wouldn't matter, it's JUST high enough to keep you from getting anything more than 2. And my attack is JUST low enough to keep me from getting more than 2.
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