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    Default Re: My Little Pony LVI:S Has Left the Playground!

    Quote Originally Posted by otakuryoga View Post
    i was wrong... I can't stop "P"ing...someone help me!

    Petite but Powerful Polish Polo Player Paul "Pudding" Pierce Passively Pondered the Possibility of Positively Prodigious Piles of Perfect Pretty Pink, Purple, and Puce Prancing Party Ponies in Pairs of Pajamas Politely Pilfering Plates of Pralined Pecan Pieces Perhaps while Preparing to Pugilisticly and Painfully Punish Penzancian Pirates Plundering and Pillaging Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Produce Purveyors Providing Peach, Pear, Pineapple, and Peyote Pastries to Penurious but Prideful Poor People for Plaid Pussycat Plushies, Plastic Pinkie Pie toys, Packages of Pinecones,or Paltry Pouches of Pennies, Pesos, or Pakistani rupees.
    Peyote pastries are illegal prohibited. We're going to have to place them in prison pending possibility of parole.
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    Anarion's right on the money here.

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    Dulce Et Decorum Est Pro Anarion Mori?
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    You just highlandered an entire city block into a glass-filled storm by road-runnering down it in your underwear.