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    Default Re: Guns are only weapon you need in modern RPG setting?

    Quote Originally Posted by Ashtagon View Post
    What makes a weapon suitable for children? Should I be looking for something that says "for ages six and up"?
    In some cultures (I'm thinking southeast US, since that's where I'm from) it's not uncommon for a boy to be given some kind of weapon for his 12th or 13th birthday. I got a .22 caliber varmit rifle for my 13th birthday and so did many of my friends. Whether or not a weapon is appropriate for a "child" depends on the culture, the child's maturity, and (of course) local laws. As with many potentially dangerous objects, learning to handle weapons safely goes much further in preventing accidents than trying to prevent access. See also; half of what's in your kitchen.
    Quote Originally Posted by Water_Bear View Post
    Drama =/= Action. True helplessness teaches you alot about a character, but it's not so hot for player agency. It's one of those things that you shouldn't try until you've mastered the system already, because it's so much harder to do correctly.
    That is entirely dependent on the notion that the enemy has superior weapons to the PC's and would be just as true if we were talking about melee weapons or even differing tech levels in a more historical setting. If the enemy has iron blades and composite bows, while the PC's are stuck with wooden clubs and flint-knives, it's the exact same thing.
    Quote Originally Posted by ahenobarbi View Post
    It's troublesome to get a gun that you can freely use to kill people in real life, but everyone has fists and knifes! Well in RPG you can just put a few points in place where you'd want them anyway (wealth and black market access) and get illegal fire arms, ammo and fake permits from back story.
    That's extremely system and GM dependent.
    Most people don't carry around guns 24/7! That's because they have regular lives, your character doesn't so it should have no problem with that.
    Another unfounded assumption. This is as dependent on the player as it is on the GM, system, and setting.
    Most people aren't proficient with guns! Yeah, but RPG systems don't care if you spend XP on Firearms proficiency or bare fist fighting, it costs the same.
    This one I'll give you. Most systems don't make a significant distinction between becoming proficient with guns and becoming proficient with any other kind of weapon, as I understand it.
    But it's easier to get knife into secured place! No. And if you plan to take on heavily-secured place bare fist...
    Right again, though whether knives and fists are as effective as guns in storming a well defended building is, once again, system dependent.
    Guns are noisy! No..
    Wow that's wrong. A silenced, low-caliber weapon firing sub-sonic amuntition -might- be quiet enough to use in an stealth scenario, but the stopping power would be just sad. You'd have to be nearly as precise in your shots as you would if you were using a knife, the only advantage you've preserved in using a gun is range, assuming you only have isolated targets. If you've got two guards chatting it up, your gun is now officially no better than a knife since the optimal choice is to bypass these guys.
    Guns jam, run out of ammo etc. ! That's why you carry more than one gun and extra ammo.
    Because cost and weight capacity are never things you need to worry about in an RPG. You never need to conceal you weapons either right?
    But if guy with a knife is next to you you are screwed! Not in any RPG I played.
    This is generally true, but there are specific systems and circumstances. Supers and stealth-kills anyone?
    But knifes, axes,... have extra utility! So carry them around for utility, not for combat.
    This may not add to their lethality at all, but it's certainly not something to be completely disregarded.

    Also guns can out damage melee and unarmed fighting (with the same investment) in any (modern) RPG I played. And have range advantage.
    For the weapon alone, sure. But many systems have the weapon's base damage as only one of a number of factors in a damage calculation. In these systems the best weapon is the one you built your character around, be it a melee weapon, an archaic ranged weapon, or a modern firearm.
    Quote Originally Posted by ahenobarbi View Post
    Sneaking onto someone, holding them helpless and silent and slicing their throat on top of that seems extremely hard.
    IRL, it's not as hard as you'd think. It takes skill to be sure, but so does effectively using firearms; especially at medium to long range. Spray and pray is horribly inefficient and strongly discouraged by military training in any but a select few situations. In an RPG it's (once again) system dependent.

    The simple fact of the matter is this: all other things being equal and close to reality; yes, guns are the go-to weapon for taking down other equally well-armed foes. The rarity of all things being equal is astounding in all but a select subset of gaming situations though; nevermind it almost never being the case in reality.
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