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I do aikido, and I fight pretty similarly. It's a huge help, and I'd recommend it.

That said, I'm not entirely above headbutting someone in the nose if it'll stop a fight quicker.
Too be honest, the main thing that has stopped me from trying to learn a martial art is the fact that while I was in school I fought a LOT of "martial artists." Mainly karate and tae kwon do, and generally speaking, its embarrassing how quickly a 12 year old loses a fight when he tries to pull off some fancy move only to realize, yeah, he doesnt have the speed to do that sort of thing without getting his butt kicked yet. I dont want to be one of those guys who gets into a fight, tries to bust out a move, and gets to kiss the pavement because while they work well in spars and training, they dont work well in a fight against some brawler.