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    Default Re: My Little Pony LVI:S Has Left the Playground!

    Quote Originally Posted by BlasTech View Post
    not yet....

    Perched Perilously atop, Perchance, a Peruvian Plataeu amid Posies, Petunias, Pampas and Phlox, Powerful Peregrines and Peculiar Platypii Passing by; Petite but Powerful Polish Polo Player Paul "Pudding" Pierce Passively Pondered the Possibility of Positively Prodigious Piles of Perfect Pretty Pink, Purple, and Puce Prancing Puking Party Ponies in Pairs of Pajamas Politely Pilfering Plates of Pralined Pecan Pieces,Platters of Pasta, and Parboiled Peanuts Perhaps while Preparing to Pugilisticly and Painfully Punish Penzancian Pirates Plundering, Pillaging and Poisoning Popular Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Produce Purveyors Providing Peach, Pear, Pineapple, and Prohibited Peyote Pastries to Penurious, Prideful and Peckish Poor People for Plaid Pussycat Plushies, Plastic Pinkie Pie toys, Packages of Pinecones,or Paltry Pouches of Pennies, Pesos, or Pakistani rupees.

    which puts me at 88 i think(i dont think i can push it to 100)--anyone wanna count up the P words for me..i am a little crosseyed atm
    --no duplicate P words(i dont think)
    --only one non P word in a row
    --yes it rambles on(and on and on and on), but it does actually make sense(of a sort)

    --I think I am going to save this and enter it into the Bulwer-Lytton contest

    how did this get started?
    i was trying to think what might beat Gak Gak Gak as next thread title and came up with
    Positively Prodigious Piles of Pretty Pink Party Ponies

    then i thought..hmmm someone will try to add a few more p words on there, so i will beat them to it....and i just couldnt stop..............

    but i think i am done..i hope i am done..i, dare i say it, Pray that i am done.
    ..its like i was being Punished by some Phantasamal muse...........
    Arrggh, im sorry, please stop Pelting me with Pebbles and Pilfered Pipes
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    Ponies not only make ME want to be a better person than I was before they entered my life, they make me want to HELP OTHERS be better people too.

    And that is a GOOD thing by any definition.

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