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Harpsy, I believe.
No, that's Lyra silly.

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Does Battlestar Galactica count?

And having the Crystal Heart on her butt probably didn't hurt.

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Oh dear frag, she is so queen of the trolls.

No. No, I am officially elevating her to God-Empress of the Trolls.

I still don't think that's really high enough, but it's a start...
A human Pegasus unicorn, with a huge bust tattooed on her hip. Could work.

Also apparently not putting a space between a and huge ends up with shugenja. Which it then goes on to tell me is not a word.


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An observation of pony pairs... not that kind.

It seems like the series has been wanting to play sets of ponies off of each other. *Rarity and AJ are the hard-working ones that manage to get in trouble by getting too much work and half-truths, but they both of very different views on social etiquette. *Twilight and Pinkie make the "Dexter's Lab" pair where you have the bookish genius confounded by a bright but almost alien intellect.

Then why Fluttershy and Dash? They don't seem similar enough for their differences to have much weight. *I theorize that trying to answer this has lead to the path of least resistance for the community: Shipping.
One, I somewhat look askance on the idea that shipping two ponies is the lowbrow, can't think I anything else solution.

Two, they are both defined by their insecurities, but one is an extrovert who starves without constant affection while always wondering if it's real or if they all worship the graven image she has carved of herself through lies an daring, and the other worries constantly that all it will take is a slip or a misstep and her friends will stop caring, as she is caught forever in a gilded cage of quiet and demurity.

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Giddy up Giddy up up.........


Why can't I stop!?!?!?!

I dread when the remix hits.

BTW, like the lyrics version or the chorus only version?
What is this and suddenly my humming?

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I realized this morning that Saturday now means new pony. *And I am excited.
I'm getting there!

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Ahhh, thank you.

EDIT: In comic related news, there will now be a 6 issue mini-series of spin-off comics, each one focusing on one of the mane 6, with Twilight up first. (link contains plot synopsis spoilers for the first issue, and also issue #4 of the main series)
"Plot synopsis, huh? Well, it's well-rounded. I mean, it's solid all around, the kinda tail you can sink your teeth into."

"You mean 'tale', right? Because they mean the story."

"Whhhyyyy yeeees. Story."


"What did yooou think I meant?"

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To be fair, Indigo is a Tertiary color that only made it onto the rainbow in the first place because Isaac Newton was convinced the number seven was lucky
Indigo made no appearance on either color wheel.

This throws me for a loop though. I thought that RYB was for pigment and RGB was for light? This gives me the impression that common wisdom on the subject isn't an equal and separate set of parameters, it's just wrong.

There's plenty of works that portray Africans and their culture, the problem is finding one that isn't also kinda racist. Pre-colonial african history hasn't exactly permeated western culture the way European, Chinese, and even Middle Eastern history has.
Heck, pony fandom was one of them. How many cannibalism because Africa and Watermelon because hurr hurr did we get early on?

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Phooey. People prefer peyote pastries.
Nah, you need an enzyme inhibitor for that to work.

And because there're seven notes in the musical scale. He had five, then added orange and indigo to make the number fit. I'd like the initialism to be ROYGCBV instead, since the blues are such a long band on the spectrum.
I was under the impression it wasn't lucky or whatnot, but a belief in the divine nature of numerology. They went with seven because it was holier.

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Pony masochist?
*ears perk*

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That would be lime.
Lime? Eww. Terrible jelly. No, you'd want either some sort of mint, or possibly candied jalapeņo (remarkably sweet!).

Oh! Or ripe coffee berries, to give the apples their zap!


In other, more goofy news: Commodore, what would you do if I told you where Gilda was hiding? Transport and covert feeding are expensive, and she keeps insisting she has "rights" and stuff and I can't keep her locked up.