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    Quote Originally Posted by SiuiS View Post
    What is this and suddenly my humming?
    Yeah, far catchier than it should be. Listened to it once and kinda hated it. Listened to it 5 times and it started to grow on me. Listened to it... let me check... 47 times and I guess it's grown on me. A lot.

    Seriously, they even name check Monkey Island!

    Quote Originally Posted by SiuiS View Post

    Indigo made no appearance on either color wheel.
    Quote Originally Posted by Wikipedia
    The names for the twelve quaternary colors are more variable, if they exist at all, though indigo and scarlet are standard for blue–violet and red–vermilion.
    Oh, sorry, it's NOT EVEN a tertiary color. My point being that Newton included it for superstitious reasons either way.

    Quote Originally Posted by SiuiS View Post
    Heck, pony fandom was one of them. How many cannibalism because Africa and Watermelon because hurr hurr did we get early on?
    I'm sure plenty of bronies are also racists. I don't think that makes Zecora, as portrayed in show, a racist interpretation of African culture. She's got the 'foreign' thing going, but that's mostly because she rhymes everything. Beyond that (outside of her intro episode) I can't think of any time she's been portrayed as a negative influence, OR as magically solving everything in a swoop. She contributes to the solution more than once, but she's never solely responsible for fixing everything with foreign magic.

    Quote Originally Posted by gooddragon1 View Post
    Wow, I was amazed today. 3 Bronies came forward in the D&D I'm a part of and were talking about it before the meeting started. Far braver than I. I just said I'm a dragon enthusiast cuz I'm not sure I'm cut out the be a part of this fanbase.
    With the number of times you've posted here, and if you've watched the show, I'd say that having three real-life bronies come out around you is an absolutely GOLDEN opportunity. Broach the topic! Make conversation! Might not be 100% comfortable but it's a phenomenal chance to make some new friends.
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